PyCon Africa

Keynote speakers

Anna Makarudze

Anna is the Vice President of the Django Software Foundation (DSF), the Fundraising Coordinator for the Django Girls Foundation and has given talks at DjangoCon Europe, PyCon Italia, PyCon Namibia, PyCon South Africa, and many others.

She has also been on the organizing team for many Django Girls events in Zimbabwe, the first two PyCon Zimbabwe events, and DjangoCon Europe 2018. She also runs PyLadies Harare and is a founder trustee of the Zimbabwe Python Association.

She is also a member of the Django Software Foundation Board of Directors for 2018.

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Ewa Jodlowska

Ewa is the Executive Director at the Python Software Foundation (PSF).

She started her role with the Python community in 2008 as a third party meeting planner. In 2012 Ewa became a full time employee of the PSF organizing PyCon and doing administrative work for the PSF.

In 2015, Ewa became the Director of Operations and oversees the Foundation's operations, employees, and PyCon.

Kojo Idrissa

 Kojo was an accountant who got an MBA and taught at universities in two different countries. He’s now a software engineer, international tech conference speaker, DjangoCon US organizer and the DEFNA North American Ambassador. He’s spoken at tech conferences about software engineering practices, spreadsheets, contributing to tech communities, Dungeons & Dragons, inclusion and privilege.

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Other speakers and workshop leaders

Our line-up of great speakers and presenters from all around the world will be published soon.