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Thank you for wanting to Speak at PyCon Africa!

We are inviting speakers of all experience levels and backgrounds to contribute to our conference program at PyCon Africa 2024! Whether you use Python professionally, as a hobby, or are simply enthusiastic about Python, programming, and open source communities, we would love to hear from you. Your ideas are crucial to the richness of our conference.

Part of our mission is to create materials that support Python education and advocacy not only in Africa but around the globe. Therefore, we plan to record all presentations at PyCon Africa 2024 and release the recordings on our web and YouTube channels.
For more details, please see our PyCon Africa Recording Release.

Where to Submit Your Proposal

  • Sign up for a new account at africa.pycon.org by clicking here.
  • Access your Profile here and create it if you haven't done so already.
  • Once your profile is set, you'll see a “Submit a New Talk” button!

We encourage prospective speakers to submit their proposals early due to the competitive selection process. Early submissions allow for feedback before the CFP deadline.

Guidelines for Proposal Submission

The Python Community in Africa is diverse, encompassing a wide range of experiences from beginners to expert developers. We are seeking talks that cater to this varied audience. Thus, we welcome proposals that are suitable for all levels of Python proficiency. We thrive on featuring talks that range from introductory to advanced. If you are reading this and are interested in speaking, please submit a proposal!

For PyCon Africa 2024, the conference will revolve around four main categories:

General Python and Web/DevOps:
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Frameworks (Django, Flask, Pyramid, etc.)
- Background Tasks (Celery, etc.)
- WSGI Orchestration (Ansible, Fabric, etc.)
- Continuous Integration, Core & Internals Testing, Enterprise solutions.

Emerging Technologies:
- Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI.
- Embedded Python and IoT: MicroPython, Python on Hardware, Robotics, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.
- Game Design and 3D Modelling - Python in developing games and 3-D modelling.

General Community:
Discussions on culture and society, such as Diversity, Health, Productivity, Workplace Issues, Privacy, Community Building, Coding for Causes.

The advent of new coding assistants, such as Anaconda Assistant, PyCharm AI, Copilot, and ChatGPT has marked a significant advancement in how we teach, learn, and engage with code. We are calling on educators to share how Python is taught, ensuring that anyone, anywhere, can harness the power of coding.

Still unsure what to propose? Any topic of interest to the developer community is welcome. Here are a few pointers:

  • Lessons learned from using Python in your projects.
  • Educational content on niche topics, new technologies, or scientific papers.
  • Contributions to the language/ecosystem.
  • Insights from other programming paradigms that could benefit the Python community.
  • Discussions on tech culture, including diversity, health, productivity, and workplace issues.

Talks and Workshops

Talks are 30 minutes long, with some 45-minute slots available for in-depth discussions. We encourage proposals on any topic related to Python or its community.

Workshops are more detailed and run for about 2 hours, including a coffee break. They require substantial preparation but are deeply rewarding experiences that advance both Python and its community.

Your Submission

When submitting your proposal, please include a clear and concise abstract. This will be published in the conference program. Mention any open-source tools you discuss and clarify if your talk will feature a case study or a technical discussion.

This year, we are also introducing an optional preview video with your submission. This 5-minute video should outline the topics you'll cover and your presentation approach, aiding the review process.

PyCon Africa is committed to a diverse and inclusive speaker lineup. Before submitting, please ensure you have read and agree to our Code of Conduct.

To learn more and submit your proposal, visit: Proposing a Talk

Important Note: Proposal submissions that are solely or to a large extent written or include AI-generated text by a large-scale language model (LLM) such as ChatGPT will not be accepted and disregarded without a second chance to submit.

All speakers are expected to have read and adhere to the conference Code of Conduct.. In particular for speakers: slide contents and spoken material should be appropriate for a professional audience including people of many different backgrounds. Sexual language and imagery are not appropriate, and neither is language or imagery that denigrates or demeans people based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical appearance, disability, or body size, or any other dimension of diversity.

PyCon Africa does not want expenses to discourage you from submitting a proposal. Speakers will be given free conference tickets and considered first for awarded grants, however, this is not guaranteed as we have a very limited budget. Kindly indicate when filling out the grant application that you have submitted a speaking proposal. Proposal reviewers are not privy to this information and this will not affect your proposal review.

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