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About PyCon Africa 2024


PyCon Africa is the annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language.

PyCon Africa 2024 aims to bring together professionals, industry experts, researchers, students, enthusiasts, core developers, sysadmins, operations personnel, and many others from around the continent and the world to give talks, host tutorials, run hackathons/sprints. collaborate on projects, learn, share innovative ideas, breakthroughs and best practices.

Python is an essential tool used by individuals from diverse backgrounds and careers, including programmers, mathematicians, doctors, scientists, security researchers, hardware designers, and many others. In recent times, Python has been playing a major role in the recent advancement in technology across various industries and fields. We are committed to ensuring the conference reflects the diversity of our community and fosters the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences to enrich the community further.

Unlike many developer conferences, PyCon Africa is a non-profit conference, run entirely by volunteers dedicated to contributing to the growth of technology on the continent.

We are excited to welcome everyone back to PyCon Africa in person for the first time since 2019. The safety of our community is our highest priority, and we will implement comprehensive Health and Safety Guidelines for all attendees. These measures are designed to allow our community to reconnect in a safe and secure manner at the event.

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