PyCon Africa

Register to Attend Pycon Africa 

Thank you for choosing to register for PyCon Afria 2019. Please read the following instructions:

  1. PyCon Africa accepts Visa, MasterCard and some mobile payments. Payment is required in order to register online.
  2. Registrants should pick up their badges onsite at the Conference Registration desk.
  3. For any additional questions please contact us at

Ticket Options 

Business ticket: if your employer is paying for it
Personal ticket: if you are paying from your own funds
Student ticket: if you are a student/not employed

*Sharing ticket: This is a special ticket for members of the community who would like to pay for a fellow Pythonista to attend the conference, who would otherwise not have been able to. 

What does my ticket include?

Free Tickets 

A very limited number of free tickets are available for those in cases of hardship. Please apply with details of your circumstances via the email address below.




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