PyCon Africa

The team

The organising team of PyCon Africa 2019 includes experienced Python community conference organisers from Africa and Europe.

Between them they have run multiple international conferences, including PyCons in Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, United Kingdom as well as several editions of DjangoCon Europe.

The city

Accra is a friendly and safe city. It's a hub for the west African software industry with excellent facilities and international connections.

The vibrant Ghanaian Python community has already hosted PyCon Ghana in 2018, and is looking forward to welcoming Pythonistas from all over Africa and the world.  

The programme

  • Tuesday 6thWelcome to Accra, for international visitors/ Installation party for beginners and Django Girls
  • Wednesday 7thWorkshops (including introductory installation sessions and tutorials), Django Girls
  • Thursday 8thTalks/workshops
  • Friday 9thTalks/workshops
  • Saturday 10thSprints/workshops


The venue

Bank of Ghana Auditorium, University of Ghana, Legon Campus, Accra

The University was the venue for 2018's highly successful PyCon Ghana.

It is one of the oldest universities in the country, easily reached from across the city, and offers modern facilities in large-capacity halls.

Learn more about the Venue here

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